Taking the guesswork out of your DEI Journey

My goal is to help HR leaders and DEI
professionals ensure their efforts at
inclusive change are pragmatic,
meaningful and sustainable.

Unlike traditional approaches to DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) that focus on simplistic solutions like one-off trainings or quota-based hiring, our work ensures that our clients build an understanding of how real sustainable change should be engaged.

DEI is a systems problem that requires systemic solutions. With that reality in mind, we offer a powerful framework for organizational change that illuminates the problem while providing clear blueprint for action:

An inspiring, creative and collaborative process, Inclusive Visioning is designed to help organizational leaders find a common language and direction. Described with enough richness and detail, this work helps to frame what a successful D&I initiative will look like in the future. This the first step in creating a tangible and realistic path forward towards a truly inclusive future state.

The key word here is “realistic.” Unfortunately, DEI programs and committees are too often run through a politicised lens that disregards the pragmatic operational limitations that organizations face. This process is fundamentally grounded in reality but conducive to innovation. Visioning creates:
Whether you have instituted a DEI Committee or not, it is a critical part of your journey to have one in place. It’s also important that the formation and operation of this group emulates the foundational goal of strong DEI practice, to create safe and emotionally healthy work environments.

Our team will offer guidance and practical assistance (including templates) to: