Dr Leeno Karumanchery

An Approach to DEI
that Doesn't Drive Friction

No Anger. No Shame. No Guilt

When it comes to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, we’re all drowning in a sea of bad information and failed strategies. How can we leverage science to finally drive change that is systemic, scaleable and sustainable?

Dr Leeno Karumanchery

DEI Training that clicks and sticks

Dr Leeno Karumanchery

Advance your DEI journey –
without shaming, blaming or politics

Avoid the friction and pitfalls that often halt DEI progress. Our Approach, tools and
metrics help embed safety, inclusion and belonging into your organizational
culture by meeting people where they are on their DEI journey.

Grounded in 30+ years of behavioural science and led by our Founder, Dr. Leeno
Karumanchery, our professionally guided learning journey allows you and your
colleagues to build a more equitable workplace where all your people can thrive.

Dr Leeno makes even
the most complex aspects of DEI
easy to understand

Lisa Moore
Head of Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Guardian Life

“Dr. Leeno is a master facilitator with a unique ability to move people. A truly life-changing educator”

Dr Lisa Toppin Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer Illumina, Inc.

“One of the most knowledgeable, compassionate and inspiring individuals I have ever had the pleasure of working with”

Sandra Watt, M.Sc. Chief of Organizational Development THRIVE Group

“Dr. Leeno is able to connect at different levels and provide a deep guided tour of best practices and outcomes for corporate ecosystems”

Josefina Bonilla Former President & Chief Diversity Officer Color Magazine

"Dr Leeno makes even the most complex aspects of DEI easy to understand"

Lisa Moore Head of Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Guardian Life

“Leeno is a warm, engaging facilitator who combines science, storytelling and empathy to help participants learn about DEI – and themselves.”

Cynthia Goodwin CEO & Chief Consultant CCGoodwin Consulting
    The Old Black Lesbian Elephant in the Room

    A clear and thoughtful exploration of the challenges underpinning today’s Social Justice Movement.

    the old black lebsian elephant in the room

    Coming in Spring 2023

    Could Context Change the World? | Leeno Karumanchery, Ph.D. | TEDxOshawaED


    Dr. Karumanchery’s keynotes have been described by audiences across the globe as everything from powerful and dynamic to life-changing. His engaging style and compassionate approach allow him to deliver the most complex and even scary DEI material in a manner that is understandable, meaningful and energizing.

    Want to learn how Dr Leeno can help you do DEI work that is meaningful and sustainable?