A globally recognized leader in
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

A sociologist with a PhD focused in Diversity and Inclusion, Dr Karumanchery has 30+ years of experience in the field, he is widely published and is an internationally sought after speaker, facilitator and consultant. Leeno combines his education, research and expertise to help organizations engage inclusion in a way that drives positive, sustainable and measurable change.

Dr. Karumanchery’s keynotes and workshops have been described by clients and audiences as incredible, dynamic, life-changing and world-class. His engaging style and approach to communication, allow him to deliver the complex social science underpinning the DEI challenge to diverse audiences in a manner that is understandable, enjoyable and actionable.

Leeno is coauthor of Removing the Margins (CSP, 2000) and Playing the Race Card (Peter Lang, 2004), both critically acclaimed texts in the field of diversity and inclusion. His forthcoming book, THE OLD BLACK LESBIAN ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM: Why the WOKE need to WAKE UP, digs into why the social justice movement is struggling to make inroads in a post George Floyd world … and what we can do about it